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Hyperion Materials & Technologies makes cemented carbide blades that surpass steel knives as well as help to minimize upkeep downtime. Hyperion’s cemented carbides use a distinct mix of regulated grain dimensions as well as mechanical homes that help you maximize your performance. We partner with our consumers to improve performance and establish remedies for their blade applications. A wide variety of metallic parts, like integrated circuit (IC) lead frames, electric motor situations, and also ports need marking innovation. The stamping tools need high accuracy and must be able to easily deal with large volumes at a high rate of speed.

Hyperion Products & Technologies produces a wide range sealed carbide stamping/forming tools with exceptional uniformity and top quality. We partner with our customers to boost performance and also develop options for their stamping/forming applications. Hyperion Products & Technologies has more than 60 years of experience in the development, manufacturing, and also application of corrosion immune cemented carbides. Conventional cobalt bound cemented carbides can be made use of in several applications encountering severe wear or high mechanical tension, however they provide limited deterioration resistance in working problems where there are serious abrasive or destructive requirements. Usually, straight tungsten carbide-cobalt (WC-Co) qualities are immune to corrosion to pH 7.


. Inc. is a prominent vendor of mining, road, as well as building maintenance items, located in Aurora, Colorado. In company for over 28 years, we are a hostile, expanding dealer devoted to serving the Wear Components, OBTAIN Parts and also attachment demands of our customers.

This stress is difficult to prevent in the normal use the tool for its created task, and any kind of attempt to avoid it restrains its functionality. At the same time, it is expected that the regular use a hammer will certainly not break it beyond repair during a reasonable life process. We supply carbide wear components and also tools to several original equipment suppliers, distributors, pulp mills, chip mills, and sawmills. Hyperion Materials & Technologies’ concrete no text carbide (likewise called solid carbide or tungsten carbide (WC)) wear components use superior wear security independent of wear finishes; however, for those items made from steel or light weight aluminum, we offer advanced protection via our proprietary wear finishes. Hyperion’s Composite Diamond Coatings (CDC) is the top wear covering security offered and also can be applied to any type of shape with no view.

  • Hyperion Products & Technologies has manufactured concrete carbide components utilized in engines, helicopters, and aircrafts for over two decades.
  • A specialist may need to be sought advice from, such as a grease monkey, a computer service technician, a luthier, a gunsmith, or a plumbing.
  • Specifically designed to shield high wear locations from additional effect and abrasion, Hensley’s considerable wear components help reduce upkeep and downtime of your building devices.
  • The strength and put on resistance of concrete carbide make it the very best choice for aerospace components, as various other products can not hold up against the hard ecological problems.
  • Every phase in the manufacturing of a cemented carbide element– from powder production to completing– is critical to making sure maximum efficiency in your marking device blanks.
  • High durabilityMade from a robust rubber blend to decrease wear, the pad integrates a steel plate with a durable rubber outside and also a rubber cushion which aids to decrease resonance as well as sound.

Specifically made to secure high wear locations from added influence and abrasion, Hensley’s comprehensive wear components help in reducing upkeep and also downtime of your construction equipment. Learn more regarding our bolt-on wear runners as well as bolt-on segments, sides and top covers listed below. In addition to aftermarket wear parts, we additionally specialize in Bucket Repair service and also Use Enhancements, including Custom Tungsten Carbide Embedding. We have well over 150 years of collective experience in the industry as well as we aspire to put that experience to help you. Use Parts and Tools Co

Use Components

Versimax has toughness, hardness, and sturdiness approaching that of cobalt-sintered PCD but supplies remarkable thermal security. The ceramic bound composite is impervious to many corrosives. We partner with our clients to improve efficiency and also establish options for their wear component applications.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies has more than 25 years of experience production wear parts utilized to generate concrete roofing system ceramic tiles. Hyperion has established cemented carbide qualities that deliver productivity renovations. The outcome is much longer device life as well as less tool breakage.



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